Whitehaven aspires to be welcomed by the communities that host its activities, and believes in generating longterm value for all of its stakeholders. Whitehaven does this by, empowering communities, providing economic opportunity, behaving with respect and care for people and the environment, taking responsibility for its presence and doing what it says it will do.

Whitehaven actively encourages community feedback and consultation. We engage with communities through a variety of activities, including maintaining a dedicated office in the Gunnedah central business district, formal consultations, involvement in community events and by conducting an annual community survey. We also regularly report our activities to each of the Community Consultative Committees that has been established for each mine we operate.

Understanding community views informs decision making processes, and enables investment in projects and programs that deliver the greatest benefits to the community

Over the past three years Whitehaven has delivered economic benefits into the north-west NSW region worth more than $800m (wages and superannuation to local employees, payment to councils for community projects and for voluntary planning agreements, support for local businesses and suppliers and in donations to local charities and community groups).

We are a large employer with over 80% of our full time equivalent employees living in the region surrounding our operations, receiving wages, much of which is spent in the local economy. In FY2016, Whitehaven sourced products and services from over 600 business and suppliers in the local government shires surrounding the mines.

During FY2016 we supported a total of 81 community projects via donations to local charities, and we made $6.4m in voluntary planning agreement payments to local councils during FY2016, which help supply improved services to local residents.

For more on Whitehaven’s Donations and Sponsorship policy, visit Donations and Sponsorships

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