Whitehaven Coal places an ongoing emphasis on a strong operational culture, and ensuring the company contributes to sustainable development in the regions where we operate. At the heart of our view on sustainability is that the community in which we work must benefit from our presence.


Coal mining has been part of the Gunnedah Basin region for more than 100 years. Like agriculture, the industry supports local business and provides high-skilled local jobs. The people who work in the coal industry are part of the community and care about the environment in which they live.

Whitehaven’s environmental and social performance is not only central to obtaining and maintaining our regulatory license, it’s also critical to achieving the community’s ‘social license’ to operate. As a result, Whitehaven must operate in a way that integrates Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles into all aspects of its operations. Whitehaven does this by empowering communities, providing economic opportunity, behaving with respect and care for people and the environment, taking responsibility for its presence and doing what it says it will do.


Whitehaven regularly reports our activities to Community Consultative Committees that have been established for each mine we operate. We seek to maintain our social licence by ensuring that we operate sustainably in the Gunnedah Basin.
The company’s Health, Safety, Environment and Community Committee analyses each of our major activities through the lens of sustainable development and encourages and supports steps taken by management to ensure Whitehaven delivers on our promise to be a good corporate citizen.


Whitehaven is committed to ethical business practices, strong corporate governance and active stakeholder engagement. Transparency, accountability, stewardship and integrity are essential elements of the approach. More detailed information can be found in the Corporate Governance section of the website.
Whitehaven has a number of policies in place which are specific to its CSR agenda. These policies help govern business activities and clear expectations regarding business practices. They are supported by established management systems which assist the business in the day to day management of CSR issues and performance.
Whitehaven’s policies are available on its website including:

  • Employee Code of Conduct
  • Diversity Policy
  • Continuous Disclosure Policy
  • Securities Trading Policy
  • Political Donation Policy
  • Anti Corruption Policy

The Employee Code of Conduct embraces the company’s values and provides guidance on the standards of behaviour expected from the Whitehaven workforce. Whitehaven prides itself on an established reputation for acting with integrity, honesty and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. The company maintains a formal policy of zero-tolerance of corruption in all its forms, including bribery.